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Stephanie M. Arrache

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As a Coachella Valley criminal defense attorney, Stephanie M. Arrache has experience helping countless people who were arrested at the various Coachella  Valley music festivals (Coachella, StageCoach and Desert Trip).  Every year, clients who never thought they would be arrested find comfort and confidence in the legal counsel of Stephanie M. Arrache. 

Criminal defense attorney Stephanie M. Arrache is the sole proprietor of a boutique law firm that focuses 100% on criminal defense.  She prides herself on dedication to the practice of criminal defense, rather than spreading too thin between several different genres of law.  Arrests from the various music festivals in the Coachella Valley compromise a majority of her practice, making her an expert in the field of criminal defense as pertains to music festivals. 

Stephanie M. Arrache was born an raised in Southern California.  She attended the University of California, Riverside for her undergraduate degree.  She then attended Chapman University School of Law for her Juris Doctor.  After law school, she moved to Palm Springs, California in the Coachella Valley to begin her legal career in the field of criminal defense.  She has practiced criminal defense from the moment she graduated from law school, giving her the time and experience to know all the subtle nuances of the field. 

Former clients of Stephanie M. Arrache have described her as "fierce in the courtroom, yet compassionate and understanding" to clients needs and concerns. 

Stephanie M. Arrache has an office conveniently located in Indio, California.